Kitchen Fire Suppression System

The STRIKE FIRE Kitchen Suppression System system has been specifically designed for use in catering/commercial kitchens. The fire detection elements respond the moment the fire small flame occurs, and the fire is promptly extinguished before serious damage can occur.


Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen tend to use large quantities of hot fat and oil for the preparation of food. These fats and oils pose a particularly high fire risk.

What are the benefits of a Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

Protecting Commercial Kitchens

Reliability, scalability and with an ability to operate effectively in any environments any kitchen can be protected by one of our strikefire systems.


Designed to protect Commercial Kitchens. Everything you need together in one box

No Electrical Power

Whether your asset is operational of stood down, our system operates 24/7 365 with no power requirements. Simple, effective and trusted to operate as and when required, day or night.

Flexible installation

With a modular design & world class training all supported with standards-based documentation, Strikefire systems ensure that it's simple for our systems to be installed within confined spaces.


Protects cooking zones – directly above where a fire can start

Rugged Design

Our systems are designed to operate in harsh environments.


Strikefire kitchen systems carry a robust warranty made possible through rigorous quality and exacting engineering standards. Compromise is not something you'll see in any of our solutions.


Automatically detects and suppresses fire. No electricity required


Already protecting thousands of installations worldwide

Strike Fire Suppression Systems help protect your business.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchen tend to use large quantities of hot fat and oil for the preparation of food. These fats and oils pose a particularly high fire risk. Most fires in kitchen start in deep fryers, frying pans and grilling plates. Burners with defective overheating protection. Fat self-ignites at a temperature of 350 degrees C, which is easily reached and fat fires tend to spread very quickly. Attempts to extinguish such fires with water lead to devastating fat explosions.

Pre-engineered Strikefire kitchen fire suppression system for commercial kitchen fire protection – indirect system.

Conventional fire protection methods such as Fire blankets and Fire extinguishers require the presence of a person to tackle the fire correctly to be effective.

Even if your property is equipped with an automatic sprinkler and smoke alarm, they will only be able to provide a warning and protect the building to aid escape.

When a fire breaks out from an unattended pan the heat and smoke can quickly take over the kitchen. Rapid and fully automatic fire protection is the best solution.

All systems utilise the proven pneumatic heat detection tube that requires no electricity to operate giving you full peace of mind that there is 24/7 protection. This unique pneumatic detection tube will burst and commence the deployment of the specialist Wet Chemical through our stainless discharge nozzle.

Fast and complete knockdown of the fire happens along with a high heat resistance foam blanket to prevent reignition.

All this happens within a short timeframe, minimal clean up means you can quickly get back to your normal day without incurring the huge devastation to your property that an unprotected kitchen would bring

Our High Performance Systems

Residential Kitchen fires are unique and will need to be tested and proved in a slightly different way than other applications. Strikefire use independent testing facilities to put the product through its paces taking detailed measurements and information along the way.

Key advantages:

  • A fast and effective automatic fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing system for small to medium sized commercial kitchens
  • For commercial kitchen fire suppression in cooking areas
  • Protects directly inside extractor hoods – closer to where a fire can start
  • A complete, ready-to-install Strikefire automatic fire suppression system includes: cylinder, differential pressure valve, sensor tubing, discharge tubing and nozzles, manual actuator, connectors and mounting brackets
  • For use with Class K fire extinguishing agent (included)

Why Class K Wet Chemical

Class K Wet Chemicals are the leading choice for fire suppression when suppression of Fats & Oils is required. Strikefire’s Class K Wet Chemicals are stored as a liquid, super pressurised with dry nitrogen and applied via a specialist nozzle.

Specially designed to tackle Class K hazards (Cooking Oils or Fats) the Class K Wet Chemical has special materials that react with hot burning oil to create a thick soapy heat resistant crust on top of the cooking oil surface, preventing the flammable vapours reacting with oxygen. It has the same quick flame knockdown as Dry Powder or Foam, but Class K Wet Chemical has the advantage of the high heat resistant fire blanket.

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